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PAFIYAMA syndrome: prevention is better than cure

	author = {Carme Perez-Quilis and Giuseppe Lippi and Salva Mena and Herbert Löllgen and José Luis García-Giménez and Fabian Sanchis-Gomar},
	title = {PAFIYAMA syndrome: prevention is better than cure},
	journal = {Journal of Laboratory and Precision Medicine},
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	abstract = {We have recently purposed the definition of a new syndrome: strenuous endurance exercise-related atrial fibrillation (AF) under the acronym of ‘PAFIYAMA’ (‘paroxysmal AF in young and middle-aged athletes’). This syndrome may be the consequence, at least in part, of atrial fibrotic remodeling [increased left atrial (LA) size]. Although the management of this syndrome has deeply discussed, prevention is still in embryo. A number of circulation biomarkers, including proteins, cytokines and microRNA (miRNA) have been associated with cardiac adaptations to strenuous training and fibrosis. In particular, due to their involvement in a wide array of cardiac pathways under both physiological and pathological conditions, miRNA are deeply involved in cardiac biology, so that},
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