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Recent developments and innovations in red blood cells diagnostics

	author = {Giuseppe Lippi and Mario Plebani},
	title = {Recent developments and innovations in red blood cells diagnostics},
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	keywords = {},
	abstract = {Although the diagnosis of anemia is a relatively simple and straightforward endeavor, since it is mostly based on the measurement of hemoglobin in whole blood, the accurate characterization of red blood cell (RBC) disorders has emerged as a mainstay in the era of precision (laboratory) medicine. The many technological advances occurred in laboratory medicine over recent times have enabled the introduction of a vast array of innovations also for RBC diagnostics, mostly represented by modular automation, digital hematology, innovative erythrocyte parameters and adaptation of disruptive technologies to laboratory hematology, especially mass spectrometry and molecular biology. These important breakthroughs have enormously contributed to broadening the diagnostic armamentarium and making more efficient and sustainable the diagnostics of RBC disorders. Some on these important innovations will be discussed in this article.},
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