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Detection of 8-OHdG as a diagnostic biomarker

	author = {Kemal Sami Korkmaz and Bilge Debelec Butuner and Dirk Roggenbuck},
	title = {Detection of 8-OHdG as a diagnostic biomarker},
	journal = {Journal of Laboratory and Precision Medicine},
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	year = {2018},
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	abstract = {Accumulation of 8-OHdG damage in DNA may result in various pathologies, including neurodegeneration and cancer. The significantly altered level of base damage analyzed by 8-OHdG is a potentially early diagnostic biomarker for such pathologies. However, accurate and reproducible quantitation of 8-OHdG damage requires immense effort and is a particularly challenging issue in different types of cells. The validation of newly developed diagnostic biomarkers such as 8-OHdG comprises the search for the most appropriate assay technology. Quantitation of 8-OHdG has been performed by several methodologies based on analytical (HPLC, LCMS/MS) or immunological assays (ELISA, IF, AKLIDES) recently. Thus, each method has their unique advantages and disadvantages, which are discussed in this review in detail with regard to various related pathologies. Furthermore, this paper also focuses on the reliable use of this biological alteration as a diagnostic biomarker for DNA damage quantitation in human disorders.},
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