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Analytical evaluation of Radiometer ABL90 FLEX PLUS enzymatic creatinine assay

	author = {Gian Luca Salvagno and Mairi Pucci and Davide Demonte and Matteo Gelati and Giuseppe Lippi},
	title = {Analytical evaluation of Radiometer ABL90 FLEX PLUS enzymatic creatinine assay},
	journal = {Journal of Laboratory and Precision Medicine},
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	year = {2019},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {Background: The diagnosis of kidney disease strongly relies on accurate and reproducible measurements of creatinine, even when performed with point of care testing (POCT) devices. Therefore, this study aimed at performing a comprehensive evaluation of the analytical performance of a creatinine enzymatic assay on the Radiometer ABL90 FLEX PLUS.
Methods: This analytical evaluation encompassed the assessment of intra-assay, inter-assay and total imprecision, along with linearity on routine lithium-heparin plasma samples. Method comparison was also carried out using results generated with Radiometer ABL90 FLEX PLUS in heparinized whole blood and those obtained in paired heparinized plasma with a reference enzymatic creatinine assay and a Jaffe method, both assayed on Roche Cobas c702.
Results: The intra-assay imprecision of Radiometer ABL90 FLEX PLUS creatinine enzymatic assay was between 0.33–1.26%, the inter-assay imprecision between 0.64–1.78%, thus yielding a total imprecision of 0.79–1.99%. The linearity of the assay was excellent (r=1.000; P},
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