Maria Shipkova

Section of TDM and Toxicology, Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, Klinikum Stuttgart, Germany

Dr. Maria Shipkova received her medical education at the Medical University, Sofia, Bulgaria, where she specialized in Laboratory Medicine. In 1992 she joined the TDM laboratory headed by Prof. Dobrin Svinarov, Chair for Clinical Laboratory, Sofia. In 1995, Dr. Shipkova was awarded a Tempus Phare postdoctoral fellowship from the European Union to broaden her education in therapeutic drug monitoring at the Department of Clinical Chemistry, Georg-August-University, Göttingen, under its Director, Prof Michael Oellerich. At the conclusion of this appointment she remained in Göttingen as a resident and was involved in a variety of routine and research activities in the field of transplantation and immunosuppressive drug monitoring. In 2003 Dr. Shipkova moved to Stuttgart, where she now pursues her work in the field of the therapeutic drug monitoring as a Senior Scientist at the institute of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, Klinikum Stuttgart. She was responsible for the therapeutic drug monitoring/toxjcology section. In 2005 Maria Shipkova was awarded with the Young Investigator Award of the International Society for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Clinical Toxicology (IATDMCT). Her research interests are focused on drug metabolism & drug toxicity, development & evaluation of analytical methods, and most recently biomarkers as a tool to optimize immunosuppression. Dr. Shipkova has authored over 100 peer- reviewed publications and has supervised many doctoral theses in the field of the therapeutic drug monitoring. She was the Chair of the IATDMCT immunosuppressive Drugs Scientific Committee (2013-2015). Dr Shipkova is currently the Director of Education and Vice-Chair of the Communication Committee of the IATDMCT. Dr Shipkova has held the following positions: Coordinator "TDM of Everolimus" Consensus Project (2013-2016), Member of the IATDMCT Biomarkers in transplantation Working Group (2009 -), Associated member of the Bulgarian Academy of Science and Arts Past Editor in Chief of the IATDMCT Newsletter "Compass" (2009 - 2015).

Terms of Appointment: July 2017 - June 2019