Patrick Adu, PhD

Department of Medical Laboratory Science, School of Allied Health Sciences, University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana

Patrick Adu was born in Ghana and had his Bachelor of Science (Medical Laboratory Sciences) at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. Prior to this, he had attended Kumasi Polytechnic where he pursued HND in Dispensing Technology (the equivalent of diploma in pharmaceutical studies in other countries). In 2010, he won a four-year University of Glasgow scholarship to pursue both MRes (Molecular Functions in diseases) and subsequently, PhD (in haematopoietic stem cell biology) at the Institute of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation, University of Glasgow, UK. He subsequently joined the academic staff of the University of Cape Coast in January 2015 where he combines research with teaching. His research interests are mainly in haemoglobinopathies, red cell enzymopathies, immuno-haematology and haemato-biochemistry. He has been actively contributing to scientific knowledge through publications in peer-reviewed scientific journal, reviewing of manuscripts, as well as performing the role of academic editor for a couple of journals. Additionally, he is a member of the scientific committee of the Ghana Association of Medical laboratory Scientist that spearheads the scientific programs and research agenda of the association.

Terms of Appointment: August 2018 - July 2020