Shangcheng Xu, PhD

Associate professor, the Center of Laboratory Medicine, Chongqing Sixth People Hospital, Chongqing, China

Pro. Shangcheng Xu was born in Hubei (China) on September 18, 1982. He was granted his PhD degree in 2010 and specialized in the mitochondria and metabolism in 2012. He currently serves as associate professor in the Center of Laboratory Medicine at the Chongqing Sixth People Hospital (China). As the director, he takes charge in the Clinical laboratory examination, physical & chemical inspection and scientific research. Meantime, he works as a part-time researcher in the bioengineering college of Chongqing University.

As regards the scientific activity, Prof. Xu has published 40 articles in SCI journals, such as Nature communications, Autophagy, J of Pineal Res, et al. The total Impact Factor is over 200 and the published paper has been cited by 900 times. In 2011, he was awarded Chongqing excellent doctoral dissertation. As the guest editor or reviewer of several SCI journals, he is skilled in dealing with the manuscript, communicating with experts and so on.

By focusing on mitochondria, he pays much attention to investigate the roles of mitochondrial dysfunction in the metabolism and mitochondria-associated diseases, to evaluate the sensitive biomarkers and to explore how to protect mitochondria against various pathological conditions.

Terms of Appointment: Aug. 27, 2018 - Dec. 31, 2019